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Stop Piracy

Just about everything that has a good reputation gets counterfeited or copied: clothing, watches, software, music, films, medicines and even foods. From car tyres to cigarettes, anything with brand recognition is unscrupulously imitated and sold at a significant profit – and at your expense.

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Fingers off counter­feiting and piracy

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STOP PIRACY has a new member: Musicians Switzerland

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The sordid world of counterfeiters and product pirates

Click your way through the picture gallery of the sordid world of counterfeiters and product pirates to see all the things that are counterfeited, copied or illegally offered for sale:


Fingers off counterfeiting and piracy

  • A short-lived pleasure

    Importing counterfeits into Switzerland is illegal. Customs can seize and destroy counterfeit goods even if they’re "only" a small souvenir for your own personal use.

    Keep your holidays a good memory!

  • Don't pay criminals

    Buying counterfeit goods is no trifling matter. It supports criminals who couldn’t care less about working conditions and jobs. The counterfeiting industry is part of organised crime.

    Don't be a part of it!

  • Don’t play with your life

    Counterfeit goods are of inferior quality. Manufacturers don't care about your health and safety. Fake medicines, tools, toys and spare parts can be particularly dangerous.

    Don't take unnecessary risks!

  • Don't destroy jobs

    Counterfeiters don’t invest in research and development. Instead, they steal ideas and pay neither taxes nor social security contributions from their illegally earned money. As a result, the economy pays the price and jobs are destroyed.

    Who knows? Maybe one day it could even be yours!

  • Show solidarity with creative minds

    Artists live off the sale of their ideas and skills. If you don't pay for content, you're cutting the ground from under their feet and contributing to the cultural impoverishment of our society.

    Make a stand for cultural variety!

Illegal medicinal products are deadly.

Hands off!