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The Flückiger Family


    The online pharmacy seems to be responsible, serious, discrete and straightforward. After all, what does it matter whether I get medication from the doctor or buy it directly off the internet?

    For consumers, the consequences of illegally manufactured and trafficked medication can be devastating. Sandra ordered her sleeping tablets on the internet, too, and as a consequence, put her health at risk. Unfortunately, she isn't alone. Medicines are the most counterfeited product. In 2014 alone, almost 100,000 websites illegally selling medication were shut down as part of the PANGEA international week of action.


    Buying medicines from a dubious online source is like playing Russian roulette. Buy medication from legal Swiss distribution channels (i.e. pharmacies, drug stores or doctors’ surgeries) and never buy medication online.

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    Of course, it's not a genuine brand name watch. But let's be honest – I'm not doing anybody any harm.

    Fake brand-name products take advantage of the good reputation of the original without counterfeiters abiding by the same work, quality and safety standards in their manufacture. By buying a fake, Daniel is harming people in Switzerland who earn their living from the research, development and manufacture of the original.


    Don't buy fake watches – choose the original. You'll also avoid problems with Swiss customs.

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  • ALEX:
    It's a pain that the software for the new PC wasn't pre-installed. So I got it off the internet to save spending even more money.

    Numerous software companies, large and small, make everyday life easier with their creative solutions. A product often takes years to develop and therefore has its price. Alex decided against paying for this and instead got hold of his software illegally.


    Innovation, creativity and a pioneering spirit are what pave the way forward to the future. Play fair and buy your software from an authorised retailer or via an official download store.

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  • LEA:
    I buy my bargains online. The main thing is that the price is right.

    Online business is booming and racketeers are profiting from it hugely. Lea is certainly slightly suspicious when she finds earphones on an online shopping portal at a third of the original price. But what with all the discount offers available, you never can be sure – after all, a high price alone is ultimately no guarantee for the genuine article. Lea throws caution to the wind and buys a poor quality fake that no longer works after only a few weeks.


    Only buy branded articles from reliable shops and online platforms. Be cautious also with items where the price seems too good to be true.

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The Flückigers are a typical Swiss family. But by buying fakes, Sandra, Daniel, Alex and Lea Flückiger have invested in a business that gives rise to new victims every day. All over the world, consumers are being put at risk, social welfare systems cheated, buyers deceived and ultimately jobs destroyed, just so illegal trade can prosper. The criminal organisations that manufacture and sell counterfeit goods are pocketing billions in profits, with annual trade in counterfeit goods amounting to USD 250 billion according to conservative estimates by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). These vast margins are often several hundred times greater than those in drug trafficking, for example. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) even believes these profits are financing other illegal activities such as trafficking in human beings as well as drugs. Counterfeit goods, on the other hand, offer a relatively low-risk way of laundering money from dealings that are even more sordid.

Don't play the game – only trust the genuine article!